CNN Reports On The 'Promising Future' of the Steubenville Rapists, Who…

One way to report on the outcome of a rape trial is to discuss the legal ramifications of the decision or the effect the proceedings may have on the life of the victim. Another angle reporters can take is to publicly worry about the "promising future" of the convicted rapists, now less promising as a direct result… » 3/17/13 7:57pm 3/17/13 7:57pm

This is the Saddest Sentence About Pizza Ever

One of the small and tidy comforts in life is the knowledge that when the latest winter storm sweeps through, trapping you inside your home for days on end, you can at least hunker down with some delivery and ride out the worst of it. And the pizza delivery drivers...they're fine, right? They've got those special… » 2/24/13 12:30pm 2/24/13 12:30pm

There Are Two Days and 20 Hours Left in the Dennis Hopper Estate Sale

One Kings Lane is currently hosting Dennis Hopper's estate sale, and you have fewer than three days to decide whether or not their price of $15 for a genuine Dennis-Hopper-owned copy of Michael Madsen's book of poetry is a fair one (of course it's fair. Michael Madsen is a bruised genius, and Dennis Hopper was a… » 2/23/13 2:38pm 2/23/13 2:38pm

Miami No Longer Miserable, Forbes Declares

Forbes released its list of America's Most Miserable Cities this week, with appearances from the usual smattering of former manufacturing towns in the Rust Belt, bankrupt municipalities in central California, and burned-out coastal shells. Do you live in any of these cities? Are you unhappy? Would you describe your… » 2/23/13 2:01pm 2/23/13 2:01pm

Homeland Security Took Michael Arrington's Boat Because 'America Is…

All TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington wanted was a simple life, with a simple boat, so that he might draw out his remaining days in peaceful aquatic seclusion. Chartering retired couples and young honeymooners on day trips, resolving the quarrels of local fisherman, nibbling on sponge cake and watching the sun… » 2/23/13 12:09pm 2/23/13 12:09pm